Corporate governance policy

Alecta pensionsförsäkring, ömsesidigt (Alecta) is the largest occupational pension company in the Nordic region with 34,000 client companies in the private sector and two million insured individuals.

Alecta has therefore been entrusted with substantial assets in order to guarantee that the insured receive the pensions and other benefits to which they are entitled under the ITP Plan. Management of these assets is one of Alecta´s key tasks. 
A major portion of Alecta´s assets is invested in equities and Alecta is one of the largest institutional owners of Swedish listed companies. Alecta also has significant holdings in listed companies outside Sweden.
This corporate governance policy, which was adopted by the Board of Alecta on 8 December 2009, describes how Alecta intends to exercise the ownership influence that stems from this holdings in Swedish listed companies.

Corporate governance policy for Alecta (pdf)


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