Jorge, pensionshandläggare

Jorge, Pension Officer

When will my benefit payments arrive? How long is the payment period? These are some of the most common questions I receive. Here are the answers to these questions and some other things you may need to know.

If you receive benefit payments from Alecta

The first time you receive your pension benefit from Alecta, you will receive a payment statement. This tells you

  • how much benefit will be paid each month
  • how much tax will be deducted
  • which bank account we will pay your benefit into
  • payment dates for the year.

You will receive a new payment statement if the amount of your benefit changes. You can also consult an overview of your pension benefit payments on My Pages.

Annual determination of your pension benefit

We recalculate your pension benefit annually in January each year. Once this is done, you will receive a letter from us with information on the amount of pension benefits you will receive during the year, the tax deductions we will make and the payment period for your pension benefit.

Together with the yearly report, we will send you your income statement for the previous year. This shows the information we have submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency and the tax we have paid.

You can view your payment statement on My Pages

All of the payment statements we have sent to you can be consulted on My Pages. If you have requested paperless communication, you will receive an email instead of a letter. You can log on and read your payment statement wherever you are. Paperless communication is environmentally-friendly, simple and secure.

We ensure that your benefits reach your account by the 25th of every month. If the 25th of the month falls on a weekend or national holiday, you will receive your benefit on the last working day before the 25th.

  • If you receive disability pension, we will pay your disability pension benefit as soon as we have received the necessary information from the Social insurance office. This is usually at the end of the month.
  • If your bank account is located outside of Sweden, the funds may arrive a few days later.

Certain kinds of pension benefits are paid out for life, while others are paid for a set number of years. When payment of your benefits started, you may also have chosen to have your pension paid for a certain period of time. This may mean that your pension benefit will cease or decrease after a few years. In this case, it’s a good idea to be prepared so that the change in your financial situation doesn't come as a surprise.

New address

If you move, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency of your new address. This means that we are automatically informed of your new address . If you live abroad, you need to notify us of your new address yourself.

New bank account

You can notify us of your new account easily and securely on My Pages.

We are unable to process changes to bank account details via email or phone.

Before we pay your pension benefits into your account, we deduct tax. We automatically deduct 30 per cent in tax unless you have informed us that a different rate applies to you.

If a different tax rate applies

Please contact us if you would like to increase the amount of tax we deduct or if you would like us to deduct tax in line with your current tax table. You can do this easily on My Pages, but you can also let us know by phone, email or letter.

If you have received an adjusted tax assessment from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding your benefit payments from Alecta, you must send it to us.

The income statement will arrive in January

So that you can see what information we have submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency and how much tax you have paid, we send you an income statement every January.


This information is for those receiving disability pension from us, as well as daily sickness allowance from the Social insurance office.

Payment of disability pension is usually at the end of the month

Payment of disability pension occurs at the end of each month, around the 30th. We cannot state a more precise date for payments as this depends on when we receive information about your sick leave from the Social insurance office.

If you receive compensation from us due to the fact that you qualify for sickness or activity compensation from the Social insurance office, you will receive the funds on the 25th of every month.

You will receive a letter about your disability pension prior to each payment

Prior to each payment, you will receive a letter from us. This tells you how much disability pension you will receive and which account the funds will be paid into.

Check that the amount is correct

The letter that we send you before making the payment contains the information we have received from the Social insurance office and which we have used as a basis for our calculations. Please let us know if the degree of sick leave or payment period in the letter is incorrect. If we have paid too much disability pension you will need to pay back the excess amount.

New address

If you live abroad, you need to notify us of your new address yourself. Please write to:
SE-103 73 Stockholm

Bank account

Your pension benefits can be paid into a bank account in Sweden or a bank account in another country. Payments are made on the 25th of every month, but if you have a foreign bank account it may take a few more days before the funds reach your account.

Your pension benefit will be paid in the currency that is most widely used in the country where you live. If you would like to receive your pension benefit in SEK, please let us know.


When you live abroad you may pay what is known as a special income tax for non-residents (SINK) to the Swedish Tax Agency.

  • If the Swedish Tax Agency approves your application, you will receive a SINK assessment to send to Alecta. Once you send us the assessment we will make tax deductions accordingly.
  • We deduct 30 per cent of your pension or make a deduction in accordance with your current tax table if you do not have a SINK assessment.

Life certificate once per year

If you live abroad and receive funds from us, you need to certify that you are alive every year. To do this, we send you a life certificate once a year. It is important that you fill in the life certificate and send it back to us so that we can continue to pay your pension benefits. If we do not receive a reply we will stop all payments.

In most cases we receive the information automatically

You will not receive a life certificate from us if you also receive pension benefits from one or more of the other Swedish authorities — the Swedish Pensions Agency or the Social insurance office. In that case we will receive the information directly from the authority instead.


Life certificate (PDF)