ITP Family cover

ITP Family cover is an extra insurance that you can subscribe to with Alecta. It provides your family with a certain monthly sum if you die before you reach 65.

How ITP Family cover works

  • tillval3.svgYou can decide on the amount to be paid out and the period of payment yourself. There are four different amounts and four different payment terms you can choose between. (Different rules apply for coverage subscribed to prior to April 2008).
  • You can subscribe to ITP Family cover from age 25 at the earliest, and it only applies for as long as you are employed by your employer, or until you reach 66 (ITP 1) or 65 (ITP 2) as a maximum.
  • Alecta pays out your family cover benefit.

How to choose ITP Family cover

Contact Collectum if you would like to add, change or remove ITP Family cover.

Who receives the money

  • Firstly, your spouse or registered partner, or cohabitant.
  • Secondly your children, irrespective of their age.


You may write a special beneficiary clause if you wish and decide yourself who will benefit from your ITP Family cover, within the limits permitted by law. You can find the necessary form on


If you choose ... your family receives... which is ...
1 price base amount SEK 52,500 per year SEK 4,375 per month
2 price base amounts SEK 105,000 per year SEK 8,750 per month
3 price base amounts SEK 157,500 per year SEK 13,125 per month
4 price base amounts SEK 210,000 per year SEK 17,500 per month

The benefit is paid out for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years depending on the payment term you choose.

ITP Family cover signed before April 2008

If you chose ITP Family cover prior to April 2008 the following applies:

  • You may have chosen one or two increased price base amounts.
  • This benefit is paid out every month for five years.

This family cover continues to apply until you make a new ITP choice.

How much does ITP Family cover cost?

The cost of family cover is taken from your ITP 1 Retirement pension or ITPK every month. The more base amounts and longer payment term you choose, the more the family cover costs. Your age also makes a difference — the older you are the more expensive it is.

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