Occupational group life insurance, TGL

Occupational group life insurance, TGL, is a coverage that applies to you automatically when you are employed, and your employer pays for your occupational pension.

How Occupational group life insurance, TGL, works

  • tillval.svgIn the event of your death, your closest family member(s) will receive a tax-free lump-sum which is issued in a single payment.
  • The size of the lump-sum depends on your age, and is a maximum of SEK 315,000. If you have children, a child supplement is also paid.
  • Occupational group life insurance will apply from the month after your 18th birthday, at the earliest. This insurance continues to apply for as long as you remain employed by your current employer and work at least 8 hours per week, up until you turn 70, as a maximum.
  • On My pages you can see the Occupational group life insurance, TGL, you have with us.

Who receives the money

  • Firstly, your spouse or registered partner (not your cohabitant).
  • Secondly, your children (irrespective of their age), and then your parents.

If there is no designated beneficiary, we pay half the price base amount into your estate. This is sometimes referred to as a funeral grant.


You may write a special beneficiary clause if you wish to decide yourself who will benefit from your Occupational group life insurance, TGL. You can find the necessary form on Collectum.se.

The amount paid out

The amount paid out depends on your age when you die.

Your age Basic benefit level in SEK*
18 - 54 315,000
55 288,750
56 262,500
57 236,250
58 210,000
59 183,750
60 157,500
61 131,250
62 105,000
63 78,750
64 - 69 52,500

*If, at the time of death, you have any children under the age of 17, the amount paid will be SEK 289,800 regardless of how old you are. If you work for at least 8 hours but less than 16 hours per week, half of the TGL amount applies. If there is no designated beneficiary, we pay half the price base amount, which corresponds to SEK 24,150, into your estate.

If you have any children, a child supplement is also paid

The child supplement is paid to each child under the age of 20.

Child’s age Lump-sum payment in SEK
Up to 17 105,000
Between 17 and 19 78,750
Between 19 and 20 52,500

Spouse insurance

You and your children can receive benefits from your own occupational group life insurance if your spouse dies. This applies if:

  • your spouse does not have their own TGL, and
  • you have a child or children under the age of 17.

The spouse insurance pays out SEK 26,250 to you and SEK 52,500 to each child.

How much does occupational group life insurance, TGL, cost?

TGL is paid for by your employer and does not affect the size of your own retirement pension.