If a family member dies

This section contains information for those who have lost a close family member.

If the deceased was a resident of Sweden

As a family member, you do not need to report the death to us if the person who died was living in Sweden. We receive this information from the Swedish Tax Agency.

If the deceased was a resident of another country

If the deceased was a resident of another country, a family member needs to inform us via the form or by phone +46 8 441 96 21.

How it works

  • Once we have been informed of the death, we will send a letter to the estate stating whether compensation is due or not. If the person who died received ongoing payments from us, these will cease automatically from the month following their death.
  • If compensation is due, we will send a form with the letter which the estate needs to complete and send back to us together with a certificate called “Dödsfallsintyg och släktutredning” (Death certificate and relatives report). The certificate can be ordered from the Swedish Tax Agency by calling +46 (0)771-567 567.
  • After processing, we notify the beneficiaries, i.e. the people entitled to compensation, of the payment by letter. The compensation is normally paid out from the month after the death.
  • We can only provide general information over the phone.
  • The guide below provides information on what you need to think about as a family member.

Estate inventory certificate

  • When Alecta pays out an occupational group life insurance, TGL or a capital settlement to beneficiaries, we issue an estate inventory certificate (bouppteckningsintyg in Swedish). The certificate is sent by letter to one of the designated beneficiaries. We do not issue estate inventory certificates for other benefits paid by Alecta, such as family pension, repayment cover and family cover.
  • If you are the executor, we need a power of attorney from all the owners of the estate to be able to help you with the case.

New address for the estate

If the deceased received a payment from Alecta during the year, we will send a statement of earnings and tax deductions to the estate’s address during the following year. The statement of earnings and tax deductions shows what information we have submitted to the Swedish Tax Agency and what tax we have paid on behalf of the deceased during the year. Please send an email to efterlevandepension@alecta.se if you would like us to send the statement of earnings and tax deductions to a different address.

Further information

Survivor’s protection