Bild på Jeanette, pensionshandläggare

Jeanette, Insurance Officer

Here at Alecta, we invest ITP 1 and all other defined-contribution occupational pensions in Alecta Optimal Pension.

Alecta Optimal Pension - quite simply a good pension

Alecta Optimal Pension offers convenient and easy saving designed to suit the vast majority of people. Alecta is a mutual insurance company, so it's our customers who benefit when things go well for us. You receive a share of the profits every month - in the form of a return.

You also receive an occupational pension with a built-in guarantee. This means that, regardless of whether the stock market goes up or down, we always guarantee you a pension that is at least equivalent to the premiums your employer has paid in. You can never get less than this amount, and you may even get more.

Add a good return and one of the industry's lowest fees, and you are left with a good and simple occupational pension.

All of the companies that you can select to place your ITP offer low fees, but Alecta has the lowest fees of all the eligible companies within ITP.

In order to be as cost-effective as possible, we have chosen to perform all of the asset management ourselves. We have only a few holdings in our equity portfolio and we have an efficient insurance administration enabling us to benefit from economies of scale in both asset management and administration. All this, together, means that we have uniquely low management costs and the lowest total cost within ITP.

We invest your pension funds in carefully selected equities, interest-bearing securities and property in Sweden, Europe and the United States. We have a high proportion of equities and a good asset allocation. This means that we enjoy a good return, together with a balanced risk level.

We perform all investment management ourselves, and we spend a lot of time on determining each investment and have regular meetings with the companies in our portfolio to give us a good understanding of their business. So far, our strategy has been successful, and Alecta Optimal Pension has had the best return within ITP since its inception in 2007.

This graph shows how SEK 100 has developed since the start of Alecta Optimal Pension.

Sustainable investments

Alecta is the largest company on the Swedish financial market. We are one of the largest owners of Swedish listed companies and one of Sweden's largest property owners. This means that we have great opportunities to participate in and influence the companies in which we invest.

Our goal is to help to create long-term value for both the company and society as a whole.

If you have ITP 1 or IPTK, you make your selection on the Collectum website.

You can select Alecta for your defined-contribution occupational pension. You do this through the Collectum selection centre.

You don’t have to make a selection if you don't want to. If you are a privately-employed salaried employee you don’t need to do anything. Alecta is the default selection within ITP. The default selection is the company which handles your occupational pension if you don’t make a selection (select?). Alecta is proud to have been the default ITP selection for the last 10 years, ever since the default system was introduced.