Asset management

Alecta’s mission is to manage pension assets reliably and efficiently. We aim to generate the highest possible return at a low cost.

Alecta’s investment management is customized to meet the requirements of long term pension fund management, in terms of delivering a competitive return with prudent risk management.

The core of our philosophy is a competent independent in-house analysis, focusing on the absolute return and risks of our investments. We direct our investment activities mainly to areas where we have such in-house capability and expertise. By limiting the number of holdings we facilitate an even deeper analysis whereby each specific analysis can have a significant impact on our performance.

We are dedicated to adding value to Alecta’s portfolio. Our experience tells us that economies of scale in the asset management industry are often lost through unclear focus and that high returns are usually created by specialized organizations. We aim to combine a specialized focus in generating returns whilst also securing low fees, through our size and the respect for our customers’ interests.

The responsibility of managing other peoples’ money demands that we comply with high ethical standards, fully comprehend our assignment and ensure that we are diligent in our daily operations. We must deserve the respect of our customers.