Pension and economy

As an employer with a collective agreement, you pay premiums to the employees’ occupational pensions on a monthly basis. Premiums are there to ensure financial security in various situations.

With the ITP premium, your employees receive a larger pension, insurance which provides compensation in the event of illness and money to their surviving family members in the event of death. Well invested money, in other words.

Premiums for ITP 1

The premiums you pay for the occupational pension ITP 1 are calculated as a certain percentage of the employee’s salary.

The monthly gross salary paid out in cash is used in the calculation. The applicable salary is reported to Collectum each month.

You pay three different premiums for ITP 1; one for retirement pension, one for disability pension and one for waiver of premium.

Overview of premiums for ITP 1

ITP 1 Premium on salaries up to 7.5 income base amounts Premium on salaries over 7.5 income base amounts
Retirement pension 4.5 percent 30 percent
Disability pension  2022: 0.025 percent*
2023:0.03 percent**
2022: 0.127 percent***
2023: 0.117 percent***
Waiver of premium 2022: 0.099 percent
2023: 0.14 percent 
2022: 0.738 percent
2023: 1.236 percent

* for disability pension, 7.5 price base amounts apply
** for disability pension, 10 price base amounts apply
*** on salaries between 7.5 price base amounts – 30 income base amounts

Premium for Occupational group life insurance

Premium for TGL in Alecta – SEK 26 / month

Supplementary premiums

Waiver of premium insurance for supplementary premiums is concluded with Alecta and costs 2.22 percent of the monthly premium which is to be waived.

Premium for family cover in ITP 1 – read more at Collectum.

Premiums for ITP 2

The total premium you pay for your employees’ occupational pensions in ITP 2 is comprised of several different, smaller premiums.

You pay various premiums for:

  • Retirement pension
  • ITPK
  • Disability pension
  • Waiver of premium insurance
  • Equalisation premium.

For employees with salaries over 7.5 income base amounts, you also pay a premium for ITP family pension.

All premiums are determined on the basis of the employee’s annual salary. You provide information regarding annual salaries to Collectum.

Overview of premiums for ITP 2

ITP 2 Up to 7.5 income base amounts Between 7.5 and 30 income base amounts
ITPK premium  2 per cent 2 per cent
Disability pension 2022: 0.025 per cent*
2023: 0.03 per cent*
2022: 0.127 per cent
2023: 0.117 per cent
Waiver of premium 2022: 0.196 per cent
2023: 0.22 per cent 
2022: 1.842 per cent
2023:1.816 per cent
Equalisation premium 2022: 0.70 percent
2023: 0.20 percent
2022: 0,70 percent
2023: 0.20 percent
Retirement pension individual  individual
Family pension individual

*As of 2010, price base amount is applied instead of income base amount.

Index-linked pensions – our ambition

Our ambition is also to index-link the pensions through pension supplements. Pension supplements are an annual indexation of the retirement pension in ITP 2. Thus, the retirees receive compensation for increased prices. Since the agreement on ITP 2 was concluded, Alecta has been able to fulfil its ambition to index-link pensions.

Premium maximisation in ITP 2

In the defined benefit ITP 2, there is a limit to how high the employer’s premium for the retirement pension may be, a maximum premium.

The limit to how high the employer’s premium for the retirement pension may be

Maximum premium for 2023 
Pensionable annual salary under 7.5 income base amounts. 6 percent
Pensionable annual salary between 7.5 and 30 income base amounts. 52 percent

In the case of an agreed retirement age prior to the age of 65, higher percentages apply.

The part of the premium which exceeds the maximum limit is financed through a collective equalisation premium paid by all employers.