Survivor’s protection

Your occupational pension is not only a benefit for you. It can also help your family in the event of your death. Your occupational pension includes various forms of cover, which are either included or optional supplements.

One of the forms of cover included is known as the Occupational group life insurance, or TGL, which implies that a single payment is made to your surviving family members in the event of your death. If your monthly salary exceeds SEK 37 807 and you belong to ITP 2, a family pension is usually included. The family pension is paid out as a pension to your surviving family members.

You can choose to add a repayment cover, which means that we pay out the pension capital in your defined contribution pension (ITP 1 or ITPK). You can also add family cover, which means that we pay an annual amount for a set number of years.


Occupational group life insurance TGL

Repayment cover

Family cover

Family pension within ITP 2

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