Retirement pension

If you have a collectively-agreed occupational pension, your employer pays for your occupational pension. A large part of these payments contributes towards your retirement pension.

Your solution is either a defined benefit pension or a defined contribution pension solution.

Defined benefit occupational pension – ITP 2

A defined benefit occupational pension is a simple and secure pension solution. You are not required to be especially involved, as most arrangements to do with the pension are determined when the agreement is concluded. This solution is a guarantee for a certain, defined pension when you retire.

Defined contribution pension – ITP 1

If you have a defined contribution pension, your employer pays in an amount corresponding to a certain percentage of your salary. The size of the pension depends mainly on the amount of money paid, the rate of return and the commissions charged.

Today, many employees are free to choose their preferred savings form for their defined contribution occupational pensions. The alternative savings solutions are a traditional insurance product or unit-linked insurance. It is also possible to decide who manages your occupational pension, for either the total pension capital, or just for certain parts of it.

Should you not actively make a decision, there is always a company which is chosen to manage your occupational pension, a so-called default alternative. Alecta is the default company for salaried employees. The procurement of both selectable companies and default companies is undertaken by employers and the selection centre Collectum.

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