Compensation in the event of illness

Illustration av kvinna i sjuksäng

Your occupational pension contains cover, should you suffer from illness. Should your illness become long-term, it can be comforting to know that you can receive compensation from us.

Alecta manages the disability pension for everyone covered by the ITP plan. The disability pension is paid when you have been ill for more than 90 consecutive days, or for a total of 105 days in periods within one year. You will also receive compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, that is, sickness allowance, rehabilitation allowance, and illness or activity compensation.

The disability pension is a supplement to the compensation paid by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

The figures in the table apply if you are on full sick leave and it shows the percentages within different salary levels. If for example, you are on a 50 percent sick leave, you will receive half the disability pension.

Annual salary, SEKFrom Alecta
  Sick day 91 - 360 From sick day 361
0 - 341,250 10 % 0 %
341,250 - 1,250,000 65 % 65 %
1,250,000 - 1,875,000 32.5 % 65 %

You will also receive disability pension from Alecta if your illness leads to that the Swedish Social Insurance Agency grants you activity compensation or sickness compensation.

Wavier of premium

Your occupational pension also includes a waiver of premium insurance that covers premium payments should you receive compensation paid by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency due to illness.

  • If you have the ITP 2 insurance and you are 25 percent or more on sick leave, you will receive a full waiver of premium.
  • If you have the ITP 1 insurance and you are only on part sick leave, e.g. 25 percent, you will receive a waiver of premium to the equal part you have sick benefit i.e. in this case 25 percent waiver of premium.

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